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Notes on Lowercase Sitecore URL's

Most customers that I work with consider the provision of standardised lowercase URL's to be a basic requirement for their site. In this post, I discuss some issues that Sitecore developers face in trying to meet that requirement. I also provide some simple code snippets that you might find helpful.

The Sitecore Insert Options Loophole

As you probably know, Sitecore content editors are evil geniuses. They masquerade as reasonable, hard working professionals, but don't be fooled. The spend their days hatching diabolical schemes to uncover any remaining weaknesses in the platform, ready to gleefully spring them on you last thing on a Friday. In the last year alone I've had the following phone conversation more times than I care to remember:

"Send Email Message" Bug in Sitecore DMS Engagement Plans

Sitecore engagement plans contain an action for sending an email. In the action's settings there's an option to send the email to the "Current Visitors Email Address", but unfortunately this has a bug.