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A Sitecore 8 Request From Beginning To End

I have compiled a list of every pipeline and processor in Sitecore 8 that runs directly as a result of an HTTP request and presented them in the order they occur.

It's probably incomplete and possibly inaccurate in places, but that's fine for now. Over the next few months I'll be doing some serious Sitecore spelunking and hunting down as much information as I can to refine the list and gradually document the entire journey.

Some parts are already pretty well documented and I have added links where appropriate. By the end of this process I hope to have added a link to every single item in the list.


  • SuppressFormValidation
  • NormalizeRawUrl
  • IIS404Handler
  • WebDAVCustomHandler
  • FilterUrlExtensions
  • StripLanguage
  • RewriteUrl
  • OverrideDialogs
  • OverrideXmlControl
  • ResolveClientPath